Clarinet Studio Policies

In normal circumstances, I will be on time, prepared and focused during lessons. These are my expectations for you:


* Please be punctual to lessons. Arriving late does not mean I will extend the lesson time to end late as well.

* If you must miss a lesson, I require at least 24 hours notice. Exceptions to this can be worked out by communicating with me and can include sickness (must notify me at least 4 hours in advance) or personal and family emergencies. Lessons that are missed with no advance notice or legitimate explanation are considered unexcused and you will be charged for that lesson. * Students with frequent tardies and unexcused absences will be dropped from the studio. Do not exceed three tardies or one unexcused absence per semester.


* Payment is required at the time of the lesson. Cash or personal checks are acceptable. Unexcused absences will receive a bill in the mail from me.

* Failure to pay on time will result in being dropped from the studio.

* Rates of payment: Half-hour lesson: 20 euro, Full hour lesson: 40 euro

* Ensemble and sectional rates vary depending on the number of students and amount of time


* As playing the clarinet is a hands-on activity that requires the development of muscular stamina and agility, daily practice is essential for success. * Half an hour of practice time per day outside of lessons is the minimum amount of time acceptable. However, it is much more beneficial, particularly for advanced middle school and high school students, to practice at least an hour per day.

* Practice time should reflect the concepts focused on in lessons.

* It is very apparent to me when students do not put in the required effort. Beginners may be subject to filling out a weekly practice time chart to be signed by a parent or guardian. Long term neglect of practice will result in being dropped from the studio to make room for students who are more motivated to make efforts toward musical growth.

There are few forms of music education that can bring about as much progress as quality one-on-one lessons. I look forward to the school year and the potential that it presents.