Clarinet Scales: C Major

This page will take you through the C Major (Concert B-flat) clarinet scale.

If you're more of a beginner on clarinet, scales with not as many accidentals will be easier starting points.

The C Major Scale has no flats or sharps and is two octaves in range. 

The notes of the C Major scale are C D E F G A B C.  

This video shows the fingerings for both octaves along with an example:

The example at the end of the video would be written like this:

In the lower octave, I play B (3rd line of the staff) with the left pinky key and the C above it with the right pinky key.  You can play the B with only the left pinky key, but if you play it while also holding down the right pinky key for C, you don't have to switch pinkies when you go from B to C.  All you have to do is release the left B pinky key.  That way you'll avoid any blips between the notes.

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