Learning how to play the clarinet?

The clarinet is a fun and versatile woodwind instrument to play. If you're learning how to play the clarinet, chances are you're experiencing an exciting but frustrating time.

I'm here to help with the frustrating parts!


My name is Andrea and I am a professional musician and music teacher. I have over 7 years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels. I love helping beginners start playing for the first time just as much as helping college music majors play those tricky technical passages perfectly.

Have you just started learning how to play? Is putting your instrument together a puzzle for you? Are you having troubling making sound come out? Do you often feel out of breath when you play? Does your dog sprint from the door when you get out your case? Start by looking at my beginner tips and get help with the basics. 

Learn how to set up your mouthpiece and make an embouchure:

Don't even have an instrument yet? I can point you towards the right places to get set up. Here you'll find a buying guide, where you can compare brands and find the best instrument for your needs and budget. Throw some reeds in while you're at it!

Maybe you've been playing for a while but are looking to improve more specific aspects of your playing. You may want to move up a chair or five in band, or you're not sure how to practice that tough solo you're trying to play. In the Intermediate Tips you can help with things like your major scales. Or your chromatic:

Tips coming soon:

Reed adjustment

Chromatic Scale

How to practice scales for advanced players

Getting more comfortable in the high register

Instrument maintenance

How to deal with stage fright

Printable exercises

...and much more!

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